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Alpha Arbutin Powder
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Alpha Arbutin Powder

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Alpha Arbutin Powder
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Alpha Arbutin Powder

Alternate name- 4-Hydroxyphenyl A-D-glucopyranoside

Origin :USA

Appearance: White crystalline powder

PURITY- 99.5%


Storage-Store light-protected at a cool and dry place

untry of Origin-Switzerland

Alpha Arbutin is a natural skin lighting fades away the most stubborn hyper pigmentation, sunburns, spots, and freckles.

This naturally occurring substance is derived from

  • Bearberries, blueberries, and cranberries which are naturally loaded with antioxidants and other benefits that nature has to offer to allow our skin to heal and blossom.
  • it fades away the most stubborn hyper pigmentation, sunburns, spots, and freckles.
  • Reduces any signs of ageing.
  • Effective in the treatment of acne marks.
  • It adds luminosity to the skin and makes it look fresh.
  • keeps the skin healthy and blemish free
  • It acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.
    • Its safety profile corroborates its efficacy and mildness which permits its use up to two times a¬†day.


    Arbutin breaks down easily in acidic conditions, so the pH value of cosmetics containing Arbutin should be greater than 6.0. 2.

    please¬†¬†dissolve arbutin in 50¬įC hot waters before adding it to skin whitening products.


    Arbutin   is soluble in warm water, methanol or alcohol. It partially soluble in cold water. Arbutin is insoluble in Aether chloroform or benzene.)

    Antioxidants should be added to cosmetics containing Arbutin.

    USAGE RATE: 0.2%-8%HOW TO USE-

    • Add to water at room temperature and stir until it dissolves completely.
    • It can simply be added to any cream/lotion/serum,



Please tightly seal Arbutin in containers. Store it in a cool dry place and away from sunlight and oxidizing agent


Assay ‚Č•99.5% HPLC

Appearance White crystalline powder

Melting Point 203-206Ôľą¬Ī1ԾȂĄÉ

Specific Optical Rotation 20D= + 174.0¬į- +186.0¬į

Infrared peak value 1514cm-1; 1229 cm-1; 1215 cm-1; 1059 cm-1; 1034 cm-1

Solubility Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol

Clarity Solution should be clarify, none suspended matters

PHÔľą1% water solutionÔľČ- 5.0-7.0

Loss on drying ‚ȧ0.5%

Residue on Ignition ‚ȧ0.5%

Heavy metals ‚ȧ10ppm

Lead ‚ȧ2ppm

Arsenic ‚ȧ2ppm

Mercury ‚ȧ1ppm

Total Plate Count ‚ȧ100cfu/g

Total Yeast & Mold ‚ȧ50cfu/g

E.Coli Negative

Salmonella Negative

Staphylococcus Negative

Expiry Date: April 2026 

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