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Tranexamic acid
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Tranexamic acid

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Tranexamic acid
₦4,500.00 - ₦100,000.00
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Tranexamic acid
₦4,500.00 - ₦100,000.00
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Tranexamic acid

Skin whitening

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Assay ≥98% HPLC



White or off-white color powder

Molecular Weight..C8H15NO2


 It is used to prevent skin problems such as dark spots, freckles and chloasma.

It is also used in cosmetics, such as facial mask, cream, toner, essence for whitening effects

Its whitening effect is very effective

This acid is a protease inhibitor that inhibits the catalysis of proteases on peptide bond hydrolysis.

Thereby it prevents the activity of inflammatory proteases compared  with the traditional whitening cosmetic redient, Tranexamic acid is non-irritant, of high stability , and of strong ability of alkali and acid Istance;

Tranexamic  acid can directly block the activity of lanocytes and inactive melanin. It is mild without irritation 

This acid itself is corrosives

Reference Dosage 2-3%

Paticle size 98% through 80 mesh


Sulfated ash:sO.1%


Chloride;s0.014% Heavy metals;10ppm

Related substances ;(HPLC)mpurity:<0.2%


Particle size

98% through 80 mesh



Sulfated ash






Related substances (HPLC)

A Impurity:≤0.1%

B Impurity:≤0.2%

Any other impurity:≤0.1%

All other impurity:≤0.2%

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals



Expiry Date: March 2026 

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