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Ferulic Acid
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Ferulic Acid

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Ferulic Acid
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Ferulic Acid
₦3,800.00 - ₦43,537.42
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Ferulic Acid

Skin whitening

Ferulic Acid..99%page3image6341168

Assay ≥98% HPLC



White or off-white color powder

Extract solvent...Water & ethanol

Melting point..170.0°C~174.0°C


Natural degree c13 test -33~36

Solvent residue Ethanol≤1000ppm

Ferulic Acid Overview

Ferulic Acid (FA), also called 4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamicacid, is a cinnamic acid derivative. It is a kind of phenolic acid commonly found in many plants. Currently, Ferulic Acid mainly comes from natural plants and synthesis method. Ferulic Acid is extracted from rice bran. high purity Ferulic Acid of 99%. It is a natural cosmetic grade raw material. performance. Ferulic Acid has a variety of biological activities. It can scavenge free radicals, and promote the formation of enzymes that scavenge free radicals. It inhibits tyrosinase activity; it has good absorption ability of ultraviolet ray and trans-dermal absorption capacity. Therefore, Ferulic Acid has effect of whitening, anti-oxidation and sun protection. Cosmetics containing Ferulic Acid can improve skin dullness, as well as make skin delicate, shiny and full of elasticity. It is widely used in sun protection and whitening cosmetics

Ferulic Acid Benefits


Ferulic Acid, as a phenolic plant ingredient, can form relatively stable free radicals due to its conjugate system. Then it plays the role of stopping the free radical chain transfer in the automatic oxidation process of lipids. Therefore, Ferulic Acid has strong antioxidant activity, and can scavenge free radicals. Studies have shown that Ferulic Acid has a strong scavenging effect on DPPH free radicals, hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anions. Half inhibitory concentrations are 0.552mg /mL, 0.282mg /mL and 0.111mg /mL respectively. Ferulic Acid can also promote the production of free radical scavenging enzymes to achieve its anti-oxidative effect. It promotes the production of glutathione and NADP. When used in combination with vitamin C and vitamin E, it increases their stability and doubles their antioxidant capacity.

Ferulic Acid can inhibit tyrosinase activity. It can reduce the proliferation activity of melanocytes. Test result shows that when use 0.1-0.5% Ferulic Acid solution, the number of melanocytes

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decreases from 117±23/mm2 to 39±7/mm2. The inhibition rate of tyrosinase is up to 86%, when use 5mmol/L Ferulic Acid solution. Therefore, Ferulic Acid can whiten skin and remove spots. It has great whitening effect.
Sun protection

Ferulic Acid has good sun protection function. It can effectively absorb the ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 290~330nm. Thereby it prevents or reduces skin damage caused by the ultraviolet rays. (The UV rays in the range of 305-310nm are most likely to induce the skin erythema)


Ferulic Acid Application and Reference Dosage

  • Ferulic Acid contains a highly conjugated system. It can strongly absorb the ultraviolet rays of 290-350nm. 0.7% Ferulic Acid can effectively prevent skin erythema caused by UVB. It is an effective light stabilizer. It can resist light toxicity, and is widely used in sunscreen products.
  • Ferulic Acid has a broad spectrum of anti-oxidative property, and also has skin whitening effect. It can be used in whitening and anti-aging cosmetics.Attention:Ferulic Acid has good stability in buffer solution with pH 2.62-5.10. As the environment becomes more alkaline, Ferulic Acid is also degraded and deactivated. Therefore, when making cosmetics containing Ferulic Acid, pH value should be controlled in the above range.



Reference Dosage

Ferulic Acid 99%


Expiry Date: July 2025 

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