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Rosehip Botanical Extract"
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Rosehip Botanical Extract"

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Rosehip Botanical Extract"
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Rosehip Botanical Extract"

Standardization:5% Ascorbic Acid

Botanical Name:Rosa canina

Rosehip is the fruit of the rose plant with the extract powder coming from the seeds and shells. It is high in vitamin C as well as 32 other minerals and vitamins such as beta carotene, bioflavinoids, calcium, citrates, citric acid, iron malates, malic acid, niacin, phosphorus and vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K. The fruit is typically red to orange, but also may be a dark purple in some rose species.

Common Uses:Rosehip Extract has been traditionally used as a remedy for the symptoms of joint pains. Being rich in Vitamin C, it contains natural antioxidant properties and can be used in skin care products to maintain the suppleness of the skin and as an ingredient for astringents. It also has soothing properties and can be used in tinctures and body balms. Tincture Usage (1 g per 100 ml).

Note:The color of this extract may vary from batch to batch.


*The suggested usage rate is 0.5 - 2% by weight of the product.


*Most extracts should be added to the cool down phase of the formulation.

  • For shampoos, creams, and other thick products: Mix 5-10 ml of hot water (45 ŐäC ‚Äď 50 ŐäC;the temperature of the cool down phase) into the powdered extract until it dissolves. Combine this mixture thoroughly into the product.
  • For mists, toners, and other products that are almost entirely water: There is no need to dissolve the extract before adding it to the product.


Product: Rosehip Botanical Extract
Lot #: 27046A110
Best Before: September, 2025 
Store in an air tight container; in a cool dry area; away from
direct sunlight.

Properties Specifications Results
Appearance: Fine purple red powder. Complies
Odor: Characteristic odor. Complies

Fair solubility in hydroalcoholic solution.
Mesh size: 90% pass 80 mesh Complies
Assay: > 5 % Vitamin C 5.13
Moisture content: < 5 % 4.61
Ash: < 5 % 4.37
Total Plate Count: < 10000 CFU/g Complies
Heavy Metals: < 10 ppm Complies

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