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Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate

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Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate
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Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate

INCI Name: Sodium ascorbyl phosphate

Skin whitening

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP) is specifically produced for use as a stabilized source of vitamin C in cosmetic products. Light-stable and oxygen-stable.

Purity >95.0%. Ascorbic acid content at least 45%. White-to off-white powder, mild odor. Soluble in water (clear solution at 10% concentration), pH 9-10 (3% in water), may discolor at pH levels below 6

  • Stabilized form of vitamin C that does not degrade in aqueous formulas. Esterification of asorbic acid protects vitamin C from oxidative degradation.
  • Potent antioxidant (shown to be able to protect skin from oxidative damages)
  • Can improve appearance of aged and fragile skin
  • Widely used as add-on ingredient in skin-lightening products to correct hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Antioxidant effect can be increased by adding L-ascorbyl palmitate and/or vitamin E.

Use: Add at the end of the formulation process just before the preservative, by pre-dissolving in a little distilled water. Usual concentration 0.2-3%, but up to 10%. For external use only.

Applications: Lotions, creams, sun care & after sun products, makeup products. Storage: Fairly stable to air if protected from humidity and heat. The product may be stored for at least 24 months in the unopened original container and at a temperature below 20¬įC. Keep container tightly closed.
Country of Origin: UK & China Raw material source: L-ascorbic acid, sodium, and phosphoryl chloride (or other phosphorylating agents)Manufacture: Sodium ascorbyl phosphate is produced by direct phosphorylation of ascorbic acid sodium salt where l-ascorbic acid is suspended in an oxygenated, non-hydroxylic solvent together with sodium and then treated with a phosphorylating agent.Animal Testing: Not animal tested GMO free (does not contain plant-derived components)Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Analytical Tests




White powder



95.0 Minimum


Ascorbic Acid Content

45.0 Minimum


Color of Solution in Water

Almost colorless


Clarity of Solution in Water






pH Level



Heavy Metals

< 10 ppm



< 2 ppm


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